If you know for sure who all will attend your function, you can plan it better.
No wasted food or shortage of gifts.


  • Create your event here, set up the name, date, timing and venue of your event.
  • Upload a creative banner that is in line with the theme or look and feel of your event.
  • Define the information you want attendees to provide when registering for the event.
  • In less than 10 minutes your event will go live and guests can start registering.
  • Guests regretting can leave a message for you and can even leave instructions to send you flowers or cash as gift.
  • Receive details of every attendee or regret message on email.
  • Log into this site and view or download the details of your guests.
  • Send out emails to your guests, selectively or to all.
  • Send out SMSes to your guests, selectively or to all.
  • A special link will be created for this event. Share this link in your invitations and let the registrations begin!

For any specialized event solutions, like engaging our call centre for invitation calling or managing any other event components,
call us at 09911153036 or write to us at response@channel-technologies.com